Computer Repairs And Maintenance


Virus / Spyware Removal

Protect your information from harmful Viruses, Spyware, AdAware, Ransomware(Currently very harmful for all your documents). Pc Web Services can provide support on protecting your Network devices from attacks and/or infections. If you have a system that you think might be infected we can help; Virus/Spyware removal services for all types of PCs.

System Upgrades

If you have a slow system you might consider upgrading your RAM Memory or if you need more space to store more Movies, Videos, Photos, Music we can Upgrade your Hard Drive. Pc Web services can help you on what is the best upgrade for your system without over spending.

Computer / Laptop Repairs

With 18 Years of experience in the computer field you can rely on our expertise when it comes to PC and Laptop Repairs. Slow PCs, Startup Issues, Corrupted Windows, Software Issues, Hard Drive diagnostics, Laptop Keyboard replacement, Broken Screens, Gaming PCs, Photo/Video Editing Hardware, Servers, etc.

Software Installation

If you had used your computer for more than 6 months without running any kind of maintenance you are increasing your risks on getting your system broken, specially if you browse the web constantly, which we know that’s where we spend most of the time when using a computer. Computers need regular maintenance to run smoothly.

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